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Great wooden jewelry boxes ... personalized box for you and your special gifts!
A Great Gift for that Special Lady or Man!

Inlaid Jewelry Box

The Wooden
Inlaid Jewelry Box

Design: Inlaid design top
Materials: Birch wood
Inside Liner: Red felt liner
Outside Dimensions: L7.0" X W4.65" X H3.0"
Inside Dimensions: L6.25" X W3.875" X Depth w/ lid open 1.95"
Total Closed Inside Dimensions: L6.25" X W3.875" X 2.50"
Personalized area : L5" X W3.0"

Valet / Jewelry Box with Inlaid Top:
This jewelry box is great for a woman or man. So its a jewelry box as well as a valet box can be personalized with laser engraving.  This jewelry box is crafted from Birch, has an inlaid top, is velvet lined - perfect for storing your jewelry.  Get a wooden jewelry box or valet box personalized for your cherished gift!

 Click picture to enlarge!
 Wooden jewelry box with inlay.

This is an engravable selection!
Item #WJB103 - Inlaid Jewelry Box: $40.95
This selection is currently sold out!
We don't know when this item will be back in stock.

Jewelry Box Details

Want just a nice decent jewelry box to sit on the dresser for a quick place to put your "daily" jewelry. This jewelry box is perfect for just that. Whether its a gift for someone else or for yourself, this box is really  priced so low - you may wonder how we can still do the personalize engraving on it at no extra cost.  And, if you want to purchase this jewelry box with out engraving, we'll give you 10% off.

Wooden jewelry box closed
The outside of this Birch box has a nice low sheen finish. The joinery of the box us practically undetectable. Nice! The inlay on the lid is a real nice accent to this jewelry box.
Wooden jewelry box opened
The lid has two chromed hinges that have a built-in stop to hold the lid up right. The underside of the lid has a full mirror. The inside of the box has a durable matching color coat finish applied.
Wooden jewelry box open close up
There is also a felt lined ring holder that can hold up to 4 or maybe 5 rings and there are two other divided sections that have a felt liner on the bottom, inside of the jewelry box.
Note: Engravings on these boxes are always tinted to add definition to the engraved area.
*All real wood boxes have naturally occurring characteristics with variations in grain, color and  tone.

Laser Engraving Capabilities for this Jewelry Box:
(YES) Black & white, 2 color logos and line art.
(YES) Text - Plain and artistic text.
(NO)  Photos, grayscale or multi color images.
Click here for more information about
laser engraving images and applications.

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