Puzzle boxes ~ Handcrafted boxes ~ Wooden boxes ~ Unique boxes ~ Hardwood boxes ~ Tricky boxes ~ Secret boxesOriginal puzzle box designs. Unique handcrafted wooden boxes w/a puzzle built into the box. Our puzzle boxes have been sold around the world & handcrafted to unique Heirloom quality. Take a look at our selections below.
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes Selections...
Unique puzzle boxes and other great handcrafted wood boxes!
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Unique handcrafted wooden boxes!
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes own handcrafted puzzle boxes and secret boxes!
More Unique wooden boxes, keepsake boxes and card boxes...!
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes own handcrafted puzzle boxes and secret boxes!
More Wooden Boxes
More Unique wooden boxes, keepsake boxes and card boxes...!
Discounted and specials on wood boxes...
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Wood boxes, puzzles boxes and more....!
About Quagmire Puzzle Boxes and our handcrafted wood boxes!
Information on making handcrafted wooden boxes!
All of our wood puzzle boxes are handcrafted boxes / handmade boxes. These wooden puzzle boxes and trick boxes have been called everything from trick puzzle boxes to trick opening boxes... Our secret wooden boxes or secret puzzle boxes like our Ultimate Personal box; our personal lock boxes, make great money puzzle boxes too! Each of these handcrafted wooden puzzle boxes are very tricky boxes. Figuring out trick locking boxes and getting into the secret compartment boxes is the challenge. Trick wooden boxes, secret stash boxes or secret opening boxes... what ever you may call them... check out our line of unique puzzle boxes here!

Quagmire Puzzle Boxes
Unique Handcrafted Wooden Boxes

Hancrafted wood puzzle boxes, secret boxes and unique handcrafted boxes and evem exotic hardwood boxes!
"There's a little 'quagmire' in every Quagmire Puzzle Box!" Original puzzle box designs!

Puzzle Boxes, Handcrafted Boxes, Secret Boxes, Unique Boxes, Wooden Boxes...

Handcrafted boxes

~ Our Puzzle Box Gallery ~
Past and Present

Puzzle boxes

~ Our Newest ~
Exclusive Design

Handcrafted puzzle boxes
Original Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle Box Designs!
Limited Edition Handcrafted
Wooden Puzzle Boxes
Handcrafted puzzles and puzzle boxes!
More Unique Puzzle Boxes
Secret Boxes & Trick Boxes!
More secret box, puzzle box and trick box selections
The Exclusive Limited Edition
Ultimate Cryptex Puzzle Box
Original Limited Edition Puzzle Boxes crafted from exotic hardwoods. Each of these puzzle boxes comes with a solution pamphlet and Certificate of Authenticity! QPBs Secret Boxes and other puzzle boxes.
Another great puzzle box by Randal Gatewood....

Original puzzle boxes
 by designer & artisan:
Randal Gatewood.
Each handcrafted puzzle box
is created of hand
selected exotic hardwoods.
Limited Edition Puzzle Box
designs are all original
serial numbered series.
Very unique boxes!
handcrafted boxes!
Handcrafted hardwood wooden boxes!

Our line of Newest limited edition puzzle boxes / secret boxes. Handcrafted boxes made of select  hardwoods.
Limited Edition Puzzle Boxes
....more Unique Puzzle Boxes
and Original designs
coming soon!
Unique wooden boxes!
More great wood boxes and puzzle boxes!
Everyone has seen the movie The Da Vinci Code with the small Cryptex puzzle tube that contains a little piece of paper rolled up inside of it.
Wish you could have a cryptex that is an actual box with a really big compartment?
Wish no more...!
Now you can with this NEW trademark design

The Ultimate Cryptex Puzzle Box
Over 17 Million possible combinations
Quagmire Cryptex Puzzle Boxes Fully Changeable Code Feature! Quagmire Cryptex Puzzle Boxes
~ Artist Signature Edition Box ~

More great wood boxes and puzzle boxes!
Secret wooden boxes and handcrafted boxes and other wooden boxes

~ More Unique Wooden Boxes ~

Handcrafted Boxes, Secret Boxes, Card Boxes, Keepsake Boxes and more...

Beautiful wooden keepsake boxes....
Beautiful wood boxes.... More great secret boxes....

Secret Boxes
Wooden playing card boxes....
Handcrafted Card boxs, playing card boxes, tarot card boxes...
Keepsake Boxes     Wooden Cards Boxes

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Handcrafted wood boxes, secret boxes and puzzle boxes!

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Unique wooden boxes, card boxes, jewelry boxes and even keepsake boxes!
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~ QPB's Unique Handcrafted Boxes, Wooden Puzzle Boxes & Secret Boxes ~

Handcrafted wooden boxes by Quagmire Puzzle Boxes™ are much more than just another puzzle box. These unique boxes are completely original designs created by artist, inventor and master craftsman Randal Gatewood. His mechanical puzzle boxes have names like: The Double Crossed, The Keepers Key SafeBox of ZN , (Box of Zen) and the Ultimate Personal Box (UPB Box). Each of these handcrafted puzzle boxes is really a mechanical wooden puzzle - disguised within the boxes design, i.e., the puzzle is built into the box. So obviously the challenge is to open the puzzle box. These are really very tricky boxes and a lot of fun... well, fun if you like a good challenge! Many of these complex designs are made the "old school" way using basic woodworking tools and often require hand built tools and jigs to be made. Creating these unique designs involves many hours of contemplation, imagination, sketching, fabricating and prototyping. The 3 dimensional aspects of Randal's puzzle boxes add real depth to the details making each of these unique designs an inspired work of art combined with mechanical woodworking ingenuity. Randal says that process of creating his designs is a very artistic expression – what he likes to call working art, because they are something that you can really interact with as well as display for their esthetic value. And because these tricky boxes were designed to be used as well as looked at, they really can make a great stash box to place everything from jewelry, secret documents or any other favorite keepsakes. The Original Limited Edition designs have been purchased by collectors and enthusiasts around the world. If you're looking for really unique handcrafted hardwood puzzle boxes, one of our designs may be just what you're looking for! Click here to read more about Randal G. All of Randal’s designs are engraved with his signature logo to distinguish his work. His limited editions also include a serial number engraved on each piece and come with a certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and of course the secret operating solution. As a courtesy to our clients that purchase Randal's work, we only makes the solutions available to the original purchaser and all of the documentation is copyrighted. Some of his designs have actually sold out before he got them completed. Because only a few designs come out each year, knowing when a puzzle box is going to be released before it is made public is possible by signing up for our QPB newsletter.  No worries, we will only send out a newsletter when there is a new release. No spam and your information is kept completely private.

~ Bringing secret boxes into the 21st century with laser technology! ~

Randal G. has a whole new line of unique secret boxes in work. A few of these completed original designs are now available such as the The Uncle Herbart secret box and the The Box Joint Box secret puzzle box. These designs provide a great challenge along with being esthetically attractive. The laser allows adding artistic concepts to these designs such as with our Uncle Herbart secret box. But even the laser has it's limitations and the majority of the work is still handcrafted workmanship. The result is still a high quality unique wooden puzzle box at a much more affordable price... and that's always good. So keep checking back, more new designs are always in work!

~ History of Puzzle Boxes ~

Puzzle boxes go by many other names such as secret boxes, trick opening boxes and even locking trick boxes just to name a few. It is estimated that the first of these "personal boxes" came about in Japan most likely before the 1800's. Established in the Hakone-Odawara region of Japan, this area is known for its abundant variety of trees producing a wide variety of natural wood colors. These colorful woods are used to create the distinctive and often elaborate pattern overlays known as Yosegi or Zougan for which they are so readily recognized for. Japan has exported secret puzzle boxes to the West since around the 1870's. These wooden boxes are often complex and may require many "moves" to open them. So the puzzle is actually the box itself and the challenge of course is to figure out the puzzle to get into the secret compartment inside. The technique was past down for many generations from master craftsman to apprentice. In 1984 the unique craft of Traditional Japanese puzzle boxes was designated a National Traditional Handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minister of Japan. From these very talented craftsman evolved an idea and art that fascinates everyone that see them for the first time. Currently, there are still many master craftsman and apprentices producing them and keeping the art style alive. They are available in many sizes, difficulty configurations and artistic patterns. And what is great about of these puzzle boxes is that, unlike any other type of puzzles, you can actually put something inside them for keeping your secret things from unwitting subjects. It was these unique puzzle boxes that motivated artist Randal Gatewood to design and build his own puzzle-istic art sold here on Quagmire Puzzle Boxes.com. 

"A good puzzle box should provide the task of logical reasoning, manipulation, dexterity and even a little luck at times.
It is my goal to intrigue the puzzler with as much challenge as the design will possibly allow. 
- The 'challenge' is the motivator that drives one to succeed. Without challenge; one lacks motivation."

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    Puzzle boxes, tricky boxes, secret wooden boxes, personal wood boxes. What ever you call them... we just call them puzzle boxes and there here! Get your own Original - Handcrafted Quagmire Puzzle Boxes!     
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes are original trademark designs created by artisan Randal Gatewood. All rights reserved.
All material on this website is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without the written consent of QPB and or the original artist.

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~ Unique Boxes, Handcrafted Boxes, Wooden Boxes and Puzzle Boxes ~