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Unique handcrafted wooden boxes!
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes own handcrafted puzzle boxes and secret boxes!
More Unique wooden boxes, keepsake boxes and card boxes...!
Quagmire Puzzle Boxes own handcrafted puzzle boxes and secret boxes!
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More Unique wooden boxes, keepsake boxes and card boxes...!
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Limited Edition & Unlimited Edition
Puzzle Boxes Defined

Limited Editions: In the past, the term 1st Edition and 2nd Edition were use to describe a batch or batches of boxes made in a single Limited Edition design. The terminology has been confusing for us and our customers. To clarify, the following defines what a Quagmire Puzzle Box "Limited Edition" means. In addition, "Unlimited Edition" is a term that has been added to describe puzzle boxes that are not offered as a limited edition.

Limited Edition Puzzle Boxes

  • The puzzle boxes are a serial numbered series  produced in a quantity of 120 or less. Each serial numbered series is of a specified style, design, puzzlistic value and composition. All combined specified properties comprise a Limited Edition puzzle box edition.  Note that signature edition releases have no set quantity limitations.
  • One specified limited edition may be produced in batches represented as 1st batch and 2nd batch, etc.. Serial numbers will run consecutively within the complete Limited Edition of a specific design. Quantities produced in each batch may vary depending on production conditions.
  • The term 1st Edition and 2nd Edition will apply to a Limited Edition design that is made in a new exotic wood type- different from that used for the previous edition(s). i.e., a 2nd Edition batch would have it's own serial numbered series.
  • Limited Edition box designs will be posted with a set quantity determined for a specific numbered edition.

  • Limited Edition boxes are handcrafted using select exotic hardwoods.
  • Limited Editions come with...
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Serial numbered
    • Signature Quagmire Puzzle Box logo
    • Care & Operation Instructions
    • Limited Warranty

    Unlimited Edition Puzzle Boxes

  • These are puzzle boxes that are produced in “unlimited” quantities.
  • These boxes may be completely new designs or reproductions of previous limited edition designs.
  • Unlimited "reproduction" versions may represent the puzzlistic characteristics of a previous limited edition, but will not be an exact replica of the the original edition. You will find that most of these will be made of American Red Alder, Walnut and composites. This makes it possible to provide others with a similar  puzzlistic experience without compromising the values of Limited Edition box releases.
  • Unlimited edition boxes may or may not be completely handmade.
  • Unlimited edition boxes come with...

  •        Only 1 or 2 new Limited Editions puzzle box designs may be released each year.  Each of these "Original" designs are handcrafted of select hardwoods and constructed for heirloom longevity.  As one would imagine, creating new never seen before puzzle boxes can be a very time intensive process.  Many weeks... even months in some cases  are invested into their development. Every box is completely handmade, piece by piece, from the very first cut too the final hand rubbed finish. The result is a totally original puzzle box that is as unique as it looks.

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    Limited Edition
    & Signature Edition Puzzle Boxes

    Unimited Edition Puzzle Boxes

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